Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The saga of the fuzzy duck continues ...

'Two monsters went duck-hunting with their dogs but without success. "I know what we're doing wrong," said the first one. "What's that then?" asked the second. "We're not throwing the dogs high enough!"


Does this qualify among the funniest jokes in the world? Would it rate highly on the universal giggleometer?

Misguided monsters that make men seem enlightened by comparison, cruelty to animals that is lessened by an implausible context and surreality that defies logic are three factors suggesting this joke could be a hot contender for superlative humour. The only problem is, it's too short, according to one winning formula. It also features ducks and hunting, two subjects internationally deemed the most laughable of the lot.

What does that say about the human race then? That we are, at our funniest, deluded imperialists basing the fact of our existence on our capacity to destroy the natural world? Surely not. Or, on a less dramatic scale, that ducks innately inspire absurdity, fuzzy, fluffy, or otherwise?


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